Precision Pilates Studio

Cara Hazelton Interview with Clare Dunphy Hemani 23:20
Meet Cara Hazelton… owner of Precision Pilates in Fredericton, Canada. She is a Pilates Avatar Studio and Ambassador.
Why Physiotherapists Recommend Precision Pilates. 3:59
Cara talks to Physiotherapist Oli Surgenor about why he recommends Pilates.
How Pilates Helps Alleviate Chronic Pain. 1:41
Cara talks about how Pilates helps alleviate chronic pain.
7 Snow Shovelling Tips To Help Prevent Injuries! 4:53
Snow season has arrived! Be sure to keep safe, and shovel the snow properly to stay away from injuries. Here are some tips to help you do so!
Workplace Exercises - Precision Pilates 3:13
Sitting for hours a day can do some damage to your muscles and joints. Here are a couple exercises that you can do daily, at your work place to help keep the body moving correctly!
Precision Pilates Testimonial - Will Thompson 1:32
Here's a testimonial from hockey player Will Thompson, a very satisfied client from Precision Pilates!