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Michelle Cain (teacher)

Michelle CainI teach Pilates because I want my "other side of 55" body to get even stronger, straighter and more flexible so that I can continue to play with my grandchildren as they grow. 

My favourite things are doing Pilates, running in the early mornings with my husband, cuddling my grandkids, Yoga, a good cup of tea, a buttery Chardonnay, potato chips (sorry) and being curled up with a blankie and reading a good book or binge watching Netflix on a rainy day. Favourite place- Anywhere as long as I'm with my family and my good friends, and Whistler, Baxter State Park,

Maine and the Precision Pilates Studio on a nice bright day. On a weekend you'll find me skiing and snowshoeing at Crabbe Mountain in the winter and at the Cottage on Grand Lake in the summer. 

My Mantra - "Life is not a dress rehearsal so Live what you Love”