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Cara Hazelton (owner/senior teacher)

Cara Hazelton

I have been an athlete since I was a child and continue to live a very active lifestyle including running, cycling, skiing, hiking, and of course lots of Pilates.  I never dreamed I would make my career and passion from teaching health and good movement to people.  

I completed a Business Administration Degree in 2001 and was on my way to a job in another field.  I won National and international awards in entrepreneurship before having children, and then settled down to a slower paced career. 

Slower didn’t last long and by the time my daughter was one year old I was teaching Pilates and growing my business. I cannot imagine my life without my wonderful teachers and clients!

I love time with my family, laughing hysterically, knitting, good food, craft beer, red wine, and any chance I can get to go outside. 

Oh yeah - I. do. not. like. spiders.