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At Precision Pilates we believe strongly in Joseph Pilates' original teaching.  Not only have we watched our own bodies transform, heal, learn, and thrive with this great method, we have also watched our clients do the same.  Pilates is accessible to every body whether you are a high performing athlete, an average human, or someone overcoming injury or health issues, or life stressors. Pilates will help you move better and feel better from the inside out.

All of the exercises we teach were developed by Joseph Pilates and handed down directly to the first generation Pilates teachers who studied with Joe himself.  They in turn have shared this method with others. This direct lineage is only experienced with Authentic Pilates teachers.  We are incredibly fortunate to both learn from these esteemed teachers and passionately pass along what they so graciously shared with us.

Cara, the studio owner and senior teacher, has learned from many of the greatest Pilates teachers in the world. In addition to her original training with Clare Dunphy in Boston (A second generation teacher) she has attended more than ten Authentic Pilates Conferences in the last five years.  She has taken private lessons and workshops with Jay Grimes (who learned from Joe Pilates himself), Brooke Siler, Dorothee Vandewall, Kathi Ross-Nash, Dana Santi, Peter Fiasca, Anthony Rabara, Sean Gallager, Chris Robinson, Cary Regan, Dan Agren, Murat Burkin, and others.

Cara’s Pilates expertise is met equally by continued education in the field of human movement. Cara is working on a Masters of Science in Exercise and Sport Science (MScESS) in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick. Cara hopes to work with government and private organizations to help reduce pressure on the current medical system by advocating for better use of allied health professionals and exercise programs.

Our other incredible teachers have 700 hr Authentic Pilates teacher apprenticeships as well as have attended multiple conferences.

Carol Illsley brings a special understanding of Authentic Pilates to our team as someone who used the method to recover from a motorcycle accident that left her disabled for 20 years. She began as Cara's client nearly a decade ago and has since become one of the most outstanding Pilates teachers in Canada. Carol's commitment to learning about the body and digging deep within her own being to


The Pilates Apparatus in our studio is the only brand ever used by Joe Pilates. Gratz Apparatus is second to none, and we proudly use and teach everyday using it.

Joe Pilates was known for giving the Matwork as homework for his clients.  His focus in the studio was on the use of the apparatus to aid in proper alignment and movement patterns. The springs on the apparatus provide feedback that both challenges and helps, providing resistance and support to the body in all exercises.