Studio Equipment

Precision Pilates has a fully equipped traditional studio with Gratz equipment.  The apparatus we have are three Reformers, two Cadillacs, five Wall Units, A Ladder Barrel, three Wunda Chairs, two High Chairs, a Baby Arm Chair, ten traditional Mats, three Spine Correctors, six Small Barrels, a Pedi-pole, a Neck Stretcher, a Foot Corrector, 8 Toe Correctors, an Airplane Board, sand bag set, breathasizer, and Magic Circles.  

Joseph Pilates was known for giving the matwork as homework for his clients.  His focus in the studio was on the use of the appartus to aid in proper alignment and movement patterns. The springs on the apparatus provide feedback that both challenge and help, providing resistance and support in various exercises.

Pilates is accessible to everybody.  Our clients range from those with joint replacements, chronic pain and injuries; those recovering from stroke, cancer, major surgeries; pre and post natal women; folk ages 8 – 85; highly skilled elite athletes; and everybody in between!



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