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Jodi Lee-White (apprentice)

Jodi LeeWhiteI started Authentic Pilates classes with Cara in 2007, and found that they were the only form of exercise I would consistently attend and really miss in my body when I couldn’t attend.

Wanting to improve and learn more, and no longer being able to ignore the enticements from Carol and the other teachers, I signed up to be an apprentice. 

When not in the studio, I am growing my legal practice, mainly preparing Wills, Powers of Attorney in client’s homes. 

In addition to the long-term health benefits of Pilates, I tries to live a healthy, purposeful life, cooking healthy food for husband and son (whom I have also converted to Pilates), skating, reading, sailing and skiing with family and friends at Poley Mountain. 

My guilty TV pleasures are tennis and Outlander.