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- Precision Pilates Testimonial- Will Thompson

I honestly don’t know why more men don’t come out – it’s like the hardest workout I’ve ever had and the most beneficial. Last year I started going to the gym as well and I find the balance between the two really great. I find I could do Pilates only, and I’d be fine, but that the gym does help me gain more strength. What I couldn’t do though is go only to the gym without Pilates – talk about feeling tight! Hitting Pilates is what enables me to keep fluid and mobile after the gym workouts. I think I would be an immobile, hunched wreck if I hadn’t found Pilates!
I tell *everyone* I know to go to your studio and have their body thank them for the rest of their lives!
-  Scott Shannon; e-Resources Administrator - UNB Libraries


Cara Hazelton and Carol Illsley are amazing instructors who teach with great attention to detail and have an in-depth understanding of how muscles work to support the body. They have a personalized approach to every client. I am an orthodontist who works with patients every day and Cara and Carol have offered multiple suggestions for exercises to improve my working posture, to strengthen my core muscles, and to decrease the stress on my shoulders and lower back. Even in a group class, they spend time with every person to make sure the exercises are done properly.

The Precision Pilates studio is very spacious and relaxing. One of the things I love most about Precision Pilates is the flexibility in the schedule: the online scheduling is very convenient and there are multiple classes during the day for people with varying experience with Pilates.
-  Lilya Nikolcheva, BSc, MSc, DMD, Cert(Ortho), FRCD(C)


Cara is an excellent teacher; she knows what she is doing and she instills confidence in her students. She is demanding, but approachable and down to earth so that everyone feels comfortable.
- Kim Skilliter, FHS Teacher


Cara is an excellent teacher - she is knowledgeable and demanding. She helps you visualize your movements and corrects you often, inorder to give you the best results. Every pilates class is a workout, but very rewarding. 
- Cheryl Robertson, Retired School Teacher


As a health and wellness care professional, I am continuously seeking to improve my quality of life and the lives of my patients - by educating them on the foundations of true health.  I have personally committed to regular classes at Precision Pilates and have advised many patients to do the same.  The question is: why?  Here’s the truth, Classical Pilates is more than just an exercise class; it is a way of life that will improve your strength, flexibility, posture and overall quality of life.  Pilates is at the foundation of my physical exercise plan, it allows me to perform better in my athletic life, recreational life and at work.  Precision Pilates is a great place for people with a wide range of health and fitness levels, I trust Cara and her team to assess your abilities and adjust according to your personal needs.   A mentor of mine says: ‘Procrastination is the Thief of Health’; so what’s your plan of action to achieve better health?
-  Dr. Jason – Chiropractor, Wellness Consultant

As a senior with Osteoporosis, I give Cara's Pilates full credit for its bone strengthening benefit.  Having survived three falls with NO fractures, I am sold on Pilates as part of my life style.  Classes, held in a delightfully bright and airy studio, are instructed by a committed Pilates devotee in Cara.  One feels completely safe in her capable hands, and deeply appreciates her ability to tailor-make an exercise to suit one's  particular needs.  An added bonus is the availability of on-site parking in the generous lot surrounding the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. 
- Judy Adams


Cara, I have to say that I am finding these classes very beneficial to me on a couple of levels. First, I like the "concentration" element- it allows me to focus on something other than work and family and just focus on the complexity (and it is complex!) of what you are asking us to do. Secondly, I am finding it to be a healthy and complementary workout to other "less healthy" exercise that I like to do!! As I age and my body changes, I think this sort of exercise allows a body to be fit without the punishing aspects of high impact. Because I require some "blowing off of steam", I  do enjoy a good jog from time to time, but I also realize that my poor body doesn't like it quite as much as my head does! Anyway, just some thoughts that I thought you might appreciate. Thank you!
- Paula Kristmanson, PhD, UNB Prof.


Private lessons with Carol Illsley are an hour from heaven.  She knows the exercises and can recognize restrictions that unique bodies have.  My hip flexor wouldn’t have survived spring running if it hadn’t been for Carol.  I would highly recommend her to any of my friends or family members.  Once the word spreads we’ll have to book months in advance for a class.  Thank you Carol for inspiring me to work harder and demand more of myself!
- Melissa Dawe, M.Sc.E., P.Eng


As a long time client and supporter, I was excited to introduce Precision Pilates to the Fredericton Synchronized Swimming Club.

Pilates has become an integral part of dryland training for synchronized swimming clubs across the country. It complements in-pool training and technical progression with further development of core strength, stability and symmetry, muscle awareness, precision of movement, breathing and flexibility.

Our advanced competitive athletes are about to begin their second season with Cara at the studio. From the start, Cara has taken the time to discuss goals with me in order to work on the specific needs of our swimmer/athletes. We regularly collaborate on Mat and Apparatus exercises that will best support and enhance their sport. I really appreciate Cara's interest in the girls and their progress.

I am so pleased that the girls will have the opportunity to do Precision Barre™ classes as well. I know that the isolated muscle exercises will be terrific for them.

As a synchronized swimming coach, I like using the same terminology at the pool that the swimmers learn in the studio. Such reminders, have definitely resulted in their technical improvement. As a coach with multi-sport training, I do not hesitate to recommend Pilates to any athlete, female or male.  I am a true believer of the benefits, regardless of the sport!

Lastly, as a mother, I can also attest to the fun that my daughter and I have had sharing an interest in Pilates (she, as one of the competitive synchronized swimmers). We sometimes attend classes together and like to challenge each other. My teenage son, who is all about baseball and hockey, has also attended a few classes with me. A very fit young man, he was surprised by the challenge. Hello teaser!
- Nancy Ketch, Head Coach, FSSC


Where do I begin? I originally came to see Cara because I was suffering from a joint injury called Piriformis Syndrome (basically pain down the back of the leg). I had heard Pilates could help with my issue. What I wanted was rehab, but what I got was more than I ever could have asked for! With Cara's teaching, I was able to completely rid myself of my injury, but during that process I fell in love with traditional Pilates work as well. I continued to attend classes long after my injury was gone. I've become more agile, stronger, and much more flexible than I ever have been before. More importantly, Cara taught me how important moving your body is, and I will always be thankful for that because she got me on the right track after many years of living a sedentary lifestyle. Although I don't live in the city anymore, I continue to refer my friends looking for challenging and fun exercise that has real world application to Cara. If that doesn't convince people of her instructional quality, I don't know what will! I can't wait for my first visit home so that I can get a private lesson! Cara's teaching of traditional Pilates work changed my view on fitness and gave me amazing results that wouldn't have been the same taught by anyone else. I have no hesitation recommending her and her other excellent teachers to anyone I know. Oh, and last but not least, taking a Pilates class with Cara will take you through some of the most interesting conversations you may ever have while working out. That alone is worth the price of one of her many great classes!
- Joel Green


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