Our Philosophy

carol chairWhen Precision Pilates opened, it was one of only a handful of Authentic Pilates Studios in Canada. Authentic Pilates is the method invented by Joseph Pilates. This is not the norm in Canada as mostly fusion methods (for example a rehab/yoga/Pilates combo) are taught.  

Joseph Pilates intended his method of work to be taught as a whole, meaning the matwork and apparatus work together. Although there are many places that offer only the matwork portion of Pilates, this does not give an entire view of the depth of the work, nor does it allow students to progress or change their bodies in the ways Joseph Pilates knew was possible.

At Precision Pilates we believe very strongly in Joseph Pilates's original teaching.  Not only have we watched our own bodies transform, heal, learn, and thrive with this great method, we have also watched our clients do the same.  All of the exercises we teach were developed by Joseph Pilates and handed down directly by Pilates teachers who either studied directly with Joe himself or with one of the first generation teachers to whom he chose to pass down his work.  This direct lineage is only experienced with Authentic Pilates teachers.  We are incredibly fortunate to both learn from these esteemed teachers and pass along what they so graciously share with us.


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