Cara1Shortly after the birth of Cara’s first child, Marie-France, she realized corporate life was not the right choice for her family. Cara had been taking a few Pilates classes at a local studio and, given her love for teaching, decided to do her teacher training. Upon returning home from her training, Cara realized that she had stepped deep into a world that she had not known existed.  Cara’s Pilates teacher training was in Authentic Pilates, which was very different from what she had been learning previously.  With an incredible desire to know more about the authentic work of Joe Pilates, and seeing the profound difference it made in her life and her body, Cara completed her training.  

In 2007, Precision Pilates had its humble beginnings in Cara’s home.  Her clientele grew slowly as she added classes and private lessons around her daughter’s nap schedule.  By 2009 Cara was renting space at a local fitness centre, teaching many classes per week at a local gym and travelling to a half dozen local businesses at lunch hours.  Even with two children at home, Cara was able to grow her business.

An opportunity to rent a room in the historic Charlotte Street Arts Centre presented itself in the fall of 2010.  Cara signed a lease and secured funding for the purchase of Authentic Pilates apparatus. The studio opened in January 2011 and since then has offered mat and apparatus classes and private and semi-private lessons to students who benefit from the most comprehensively trained Authentic Pilates teachers in Canada.

Soon Precision Pilates had outgrown the Charlotte Street Arts Centre and the hunt for a larger space began.  Cara fell in love with a space in the Hartt Shoe Factory and moved there in September of 2014.  The studio is a glorious 1500 sq ft and operates there today. 


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